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  * Print on Address label
  * Print on shipping label
  * Print on barcode label
  * Print on CD Label
  * Works with Windows 2000, XP     and Mac OS X (10.2.8 or later).

The LabelWriter 400 is the most efficient way to print quality labels. of producing over 40 label styles and sizes, the LabelWriter 400 is the small, fast and functional label printer for everyday use. The DYMO label software integrates easily with most of your favorite software applications - to print labels for almost anything you can imagine: envelopes and packages, files, binders, videos, name badges, CDs, and even more. It even comes with add ins that let you prints directly from Microsoft® Word, WordPerfect®, Outlook®, QuickBooks®, ACT!® and others with a click of a button. Prints labels up to 2-1/2" wide (56 mm) in less than two seconds, up to 40 labels per minute.


The DYMO LabelWriter 400 is a next generation machine.  It has both a faster print speed and a whole array of unique innovations.  It enables you to optimize productivity and creates an The LabelWriter 400 automatically prints from MS Word, MS Outlook, Word Perfect 12 and Palm Desktop.  The import database feature enables you to print from databases such as MS access or MS Excel.  Whatever the specific task, DYMO has created the right printer for your job.  Labels for envelopes, packages, files, media and name badges are just the beginning.  SYMO has just invented a new way to make life a whole lot easier.


  * Eliminates the hassle of printing labels with a standard 
     office printer.
  * Direct thermal printing means you never change 
     a ribbon,toner or ink cartridges. The only supplies
      you ever need are the labels.
  * Fast print speed. Just 1-1/2 seconds per label. Very quiet.
  * High resolution printing means crisp text, graphics, photos
     and bar codes.
  * Includes easy to use DYMO Label Software that makes it      simple to design labels and manage address books.
  * Includes add-ins for instant printing from Microsoft Word,      Outlook, QuickBooks,ACT!, Goldmine, Palm Desktop 
     version 4 or later, WordPerfect® and more. LabelWriter 
     also prints from other programs through standard print      drivers.
  * Easy to share over your Windows or Apple Macintosh      network.
  * Includes the free DYMO Software Developers Kit (SDK).
     The SDK lets you develop support for the Label Writer into      your custom application in minutes. Includes tools for all      major development languages.
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